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Listen to a fresh Deep House Podcast mixed by BENEdikt It’s so easy because we all understand the language of music, no matter where you come from or which language you speak. Dj PLAY WITH HEART is your site for great dj sets and storys about the Dj culture from the beginning in the 90s until today.…

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Djane Tia Buena and Aline & Suné at Sweet & SWEAT! 14.0314

WE LOVE GIRLS ON DECKS war das Motto am Freitag im SWEAT! Club! Es war eine tolle Nacht im SWEAT! Club – das Motto des Abends „Sweet & SWEAT“ mit dem Djane Duo Aline & Suné aus Berlin und Tia Buena aus Leipzig. Mit viel Spaß an derMusik haben die Mädels es richtig krachen lassen.…

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My musical Milestones – Special dj sets with heart for you.

Listen to my musical milestones – twenty years of house music and dj culture. Only special dj sets from my life for all the house music lovers in the world! This music mean a lot to me, because they always stand for a period of time. I tell you my musical milestones for your body and…

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My musical Milestones – Bene in Deep part ONE – played on vinyl only!

Only here on for all house music lovers. My personal (special) DJ set’s from my life.
I call this „My musical milestones – this set’s mean a lot to me, because they always stand for a period of time.

9 HOURS of LOVE with the wonderful NU

Just wonderful and lovely nine hours of deep house with the wonderful artist NU Simply dive and forget everything around them just this beautiful music. Thank you for this beautiful nine hours of deep house music. I love this set again and again. You will also love the wonderful NU this music. Lots of fun and dancing.…

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My absolute favorite dj mix last summer from andhim

The mix of the day by Andhim. This set is simply the best good mood we’re dancing in the sunset. I’ve heard up and down the set last summer. Thank you for the wonderful moments and emotions with your music.

Over twenty years one love. house music!

I tell my story of House Music and you can share it whenever you want!
Ich will euch ein wenig von den wunderbaren Geschichten erzählen. Über Club´s und Partys, die Geschichte geschrieben haben.

Tia Buena great WAREFINDER opening mix

“Reine Herzenssache” – so nennt Tia Buena das, was Sie am liebstentut… Musik auflegen. Und die Menschen wenigstens ein paar Stunden aus dem Alltag reißen – rein in ihre Welt… Aus Liebe, Leidenschaft und Begeisterung ist sie der Szene rund um Techno, House und TechHouse immer treu geblieben. Was neues auf die Ohren von Djane…

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DJ Sneak live video @ BoilerRoom DJ Set

The legend that is DJ Sneak. We are not worthy! As of late, DJ Sneak keeps his image afloat as the “gangsta of house”, but there’s a lot more beneath the surface of the Puerto Rican pioneer of house music. His story is long and momentous, and few members of today’s evolving dance scene know…

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Dj Sneak is a house gangster

Dj Sneak is a House Gangster! One of House music’s true pioneers, DJ Sneak has the passion and drive to keep House music alive.

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