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The legend that is DJ Sneak. We are not worthy!

As of late, DJ Sneak keeps his image afloat as the “gangsta of house”, but there’s a lot more beneath the surface of the Puerto Rican pioneer of house music. His story is long and momentous, and few members of today’s evolving dance scene know some of the fascinating details that got him to where he is. After sifting through interviews, we jotted down the ten most interesting facts about DJ Sneak we found. From an old records shop to a vegetable garden, let the Chicago staple surprise you.

01. The name Sneak comes from his original graffiti tag. After moving to Chicago in 1983 as a 13-year-old, he became very involved in the graffiti scene.

02. He realized he wanted to be a DJ after watching a DJ at a school dance spin vinyl.

03. DJ Sneak’s first gig was a birthday party for a friend. He had a regular deck with pitch control and one with none.

04. DJ Sneak worked at the famed Gramophone Records store in Chicago. This is where he met Cajmere by chance in 1994 who released three of Sneak’s tracks and brought him international recognition.

05. Sneak wrote the lyrics in Daft Punk’s hit track “Digital Love”.

06. He co-owns a nail salon where he goes to get manicures and pedicures with his wife to relax. [Editor’s note: after reading this, DJ Sneak told us he’s moved on from the spa business]

07. Every summer, DJ Sneak works on his own vegetable patch, which includes Jalapeño peppers, cayenne, bell peppers, aubergine, tomatoes, zucchini.

08. As of 2006, he had never done a line of cocaine in his life. We hope this stands true today. [Editor’s note: after reading this, DJ Sneak assured us that he’s never snorted anything up his nose]

09. Every year, Sneak spends a few days in Northern Canada to boat and fish. He’s a master caster and loves catching pike and pickerel.

10. The idea for his campaign “I’m a House Gangsta” spawned from the movie American Gangster, one of his favorite films.

More sweet house music from Dj Senak:

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