Dj Sneak is a house gangster

Dj Sneak is a House Gangster

He Represent
DJ Sneak might have been born in Puerto Rico, but he was raised in Chicago, the birthplace of house music. And he continues preaching the gospel of Chicago house to this day with every DJ set he plays and record he releases.

He’s O.G.
Sneak came up with the second wave of legendary Chicago house producers like Derrick Carter, Cajmere and Paul Johnson — the pioneers of that ’90s jacking house sound all the kids are rediscovering today, thanks to the sound’s global revival. Sneak is an original house gangster.

He Hustles
He might be old enough to have a fathered a lot of the club rats at his gigs these days, but Sneak is still one of the hardest working men in house music, with a hectic international tour schedule, a number of labels under his belt, and a catalog of original releases that never stops growing. In fact, Sneak just dropped his latest record with Riva Starr this week!

He Keeps It Real
DJ Sneak has been in the game for two decades, but he has never sold out. His underground ethos remains intact after all these years, as he continues to release and spin raw jacking house records, while never pandering to commercial tastes and EDM trends.

He’s Got Swag
Sneak has turned his whole house gangster swagger into a personal trademark, but not in a douchey commercial way — more as a way of taking a stand and defending the values of authentic, underground house music. He’s also not afraid to call out other DJs when they sell out those values to turn a buck, like he did with Swedish House Mafia, and more recently, Armand Van Helden.

‚The Budcast‘ is the stream of DJ Sneak’s new podcast series which focuses on his recent club sets as he travels the globe, laying down his inimitable House sound.

Self-proclaimed House Gangster, Sneak has the passion to keep House music alive and continues to push forward with new releases & remixes that capture and inspire the true essence of House music. While touring the globe and playing some of the most relevant gigs around the world, he continues to make an impact on the scene today. His signature sound of funky-jackin-disco-filtered House has revolutionized and redefined house music for 20 years and counting.

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